Wewere delighted to plan this wedding for a fabulous couple originating from Scotland. The brief was a beachside weddding with spectacular views. They arrived by 'train' at the wedding venue and had a moving service conducted by a priest. After they enjoyed a three course meal with wine and cut their cake with the sunset in the background. The music began and then so did the reception. The guests partied until they dropped! We wish the lovely couple a long and happy marriage!

July-Quinta do Lago

Wewere asked to create a 10 year anniversary party for a lovely couple who wanted to celebrate with their family and friends. We took over a restaurant/bar right on a popular algarve beach. The weather was great July normally one doesn't have to worry. The biggest challenge was to keep everything clean until the moment the party started. What a party it was! the highlight was the fabulous fireworks the finale was the number '10' burning with fantastic spinning tops! Great challenge great fun! 







We were commissioned to create a 40th birthday celebration with the client's entire family that all flew over from Ireland to give share his special day! The theme was black and white with Ska music all night long. After a fabulous three course meal. They danced until the early hours with spectacular views of the sea. Provided by DJ The Dude. 

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